The Open Game Table Project

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About the Gametable Project

Gametable was originally created by the Creator Team of Andy (Sephalon) Weir and David (Iffy) Ghandehari. Later, contributions of community members were also added into the code. Currently, the Project has been turned over to the Gametable Community as a whole, and We run with it!

As Gametable was created Open Source, it is our intention to keep it Open Source always. We welcome suggestions as well as patches, mods, or features that you feel that you can add to the code. Visit our forums to talk about Gametable and any additions to the code that you can contribute, or that you would like to request. You will find a link on our "Downloads" page.

Installation of Gametable is simple and easy, as all of Gametable is. Download the zip file to your hard drive, and place it in the folder that you want it in. Unzip the archive file. To launch Gametable, click directly on the Gametable.jar file that you just unzipped. Older systems may need to use the Gametable.bat file to launch Gametable.

Gametable is written in Java so that it will support as many operating systems as possible. Please make sure that your operating system supports Java. Additionally, not all operating systems come with Java pre-installed. The Java Runtime Environment is available freely from Sun's website. You will find a link on our "Downloads" page.

The point of Gametable is not to emulate any one game. It instead emulates the tabletop upon which the game would be played. Think of it as a dream combination table, giant map, dry-erase board, and save game doodad.

About The Team

Head Engineer Rizban
Engineer Tripwire
Wiki Master Necrite
Head Artiste Gwindel
Website, Backup Artist Nijineko
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We Give Thanks To...

We would be nowhere without our community of users, supporters and fans!

Special thanks also to members Doctor and Dummy for contributing valuable additions to the Gametable code! And to Walkerp and Heruca for valuable advice and tips! And of course to Andy and Iffy for creating Gametable, and giving it to the community at large!